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New self, reinvented? Slightly faded, reeking of what's been done and re-done. Reaching for this new thought; like wings to water. Or the other, which can only be found in ourselves or another.

Oil on Canvas, diptych
48"h x 60"w
Oils on Canvas
36"h x 36"w
Girl in the trees
Oil on Paper
55"h x 36"w
Give and Take But LOVE Remains
Oil on Canvas
36" h x 48" w
Everyday Thoughts
Acrylic on Canvas
48" h x 30" w
Y+W United II
Oils on Canvas
50"h x 38"w
Water's Edge
Oils on Canvas
40" h x 14" w
Amoureux de la
22"h x 8"w
Inhale | Exhale, diptych
Oil on Canvas
50"h x 50"w
While I Breathe, I Hope
Oil on Canvas
60"h x 48"w [l] and 50"h x 50"w [r]
Thinking Out Loud
Oil on Canvas
60"h x 48"w
Reflexion III
Oil on Canvas
30"h x 12"w