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The self becomes the focus of attention
The self becomes the focus of attention
Oil on Canvas
48"h x 48"w

Being human during a time lacking humanity. We are simple human beings; we all have feelings. Yes, feelings, so why do we fight? Can we be kind and care and have love be what fills the air, not spite for the better or worse of humankind? On some level, if we see every sister and brother as a divine creation, how can we not respect the sanctity of each other or want to contribute to the betterment of everyone with our creations/contributions and be good humans present to the world surrounding us? Our eyes, ears, hearts, and souls are open. Being Human should be obvious - no need to discriminate, constantly hate with the blood of red - a need to say humanity is not lost; our habitat condition can be changed, we can recover and be reborn if love is not over. Learn once again to be human. In this show, every mark we make was created by one hand--our hand--and the finished product would live and breathe as part of a world in which we all are tenants and share.